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Thermal Grizzly Intel 12th Gen. CPU Contact Frame

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OBS! Kompatibel med 12th och 13th Gen processorer.

With the 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame by der8auer, Thermal Grizzly provides an assembly aid for Intel mainboards with the LGA1700 socket. The contact frame replaces the mainboards stock ILM to improve the cooling performance of CPU coolers through optimized contact pressure.

Lower CPU temperatures
Easy construction
High compatibility
Anodized aluminum
The standard Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) has contact points that are in the middle of the elongated CPU. The surface of the Integrated Heatspreader (IHS) curves concavely due to the resulting uneven contact pressure of the processor in the socket. As a result, the base plate of the CPU cooler rests primarily on the edges of the IHS, so that the thermal hotspot in the center of the CPU is not optimally covered.

The Intel 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame has a special inner contour to shift the contact pressure from the center of the CPU to the edges during assembly. This avoids the concave curvature of the IHS. This means that the CPU cooler rests better on the processor and a larger contact surface is created to dissipate the waste heat of the CPU.

The assembly of the Contact Frame is very easy and takes only a few steps. Depending on the CPU cooler used and depending on the CPU used, the temperatures of the processor can be noticeably reduced.

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